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five fires 


A sanctuary for experimental electronica


Based out of Byron Bay Australia, Wildlife Recordings & Sub-label Keepers Of The Wild is run by brothers Simon & Ross Bird and distributed by Lobster Theremin (UK). 


Roster: Simon Bird, Mumbles, Arku, Elroy 4.0.

Releases: WLD001 - ELROY - Pursuit of Paradise 

WLD002 - MARLY LUSKE - Five Fires

KOTW001 - GROOVE SELECTA - Midnight Sounds

KOTW002 - GROOVE SELECTA - Midnight Sounds Remixes




LATEST Releases


Midnight sounds - remixes

Legowelt, Kloke, Physical Therapy & Dan White remix Alan Arbelaez's Groove Selecta - Midnight Sounds EP

groove selecta - Midnight sounds

Alan Arbelaez makes his first outing on vinyl, with a forthright selection of rave minded goodies pitched at the darker side of the dance. 

Transit - klaar - remix

Remix of Elroy's track "Transit" by Klaar (Joe Shakespeare) who runs Knives (@kxnxv), with @Kuedo (Jamie Vex'd)


elroy 4.0 - pursuit of paradise

After finding the corporate 9 to 5 grind unfulfilling and reassessing his values, Elroy 4.0, aka 26 year old Byron Bay resident Ross Bird dropped out of the rat race to dive into his long time passion of producing music. Pursuit Of Paradise; a collection of 13 sun blissed, tropical, cosmic beats is the result. 


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